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FAQ Trainer Crashes the Game for no reason !



So, i bought the Trainer couple days ago, and i cant get it to work.
Ive used previous trainer, and everything worked just fine.
if i play the Game without the trainer being active it runs just fine.
But as soon as i enable the Trainer my Game crashes without any Error or CrashDump file.. i get just kicked to the desktop without any notification.
Ive done EVERYTHING u could think of to fix this issue
1: Repair Game
2: Reinstall Game
3: Reinstall Origin
4: Removed any kind of AntiVir / Windows Defender
5: Running Game and Trainer as Admin
5: Switching SSD´s
6: Did RAM Testing
7: New Driver´s
8: Reinstalled Windows

and mutch more i just cant remember anymore

Ive done some more testing, and even if i dont enable any option, and just start the trainer my game crashes without any noti
Crashes happen between 1min - 20min
I also did start the trainer, and closed it immediately without selecting an option, and it crashes few min later... so the simple injection of the trainer into the game files causes the crash.

SO: Its a fact the Trainer is the issue, cuz without the Trainer being active im good.
The only Option i use on the Trainer is: Opponent WL Info thats it, so its not any option causing the crash.

Did someone experienced similar issues and knows how to fix it.
im running out of ideas guys

Its an issue with the new version of the trainer for me, so is there any download link to an older version of the trainer?

Thanks in advance
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To use cheat correct you need to follow few steps:
1. Disable Fast Boot.
2. Don't use CPU or ram or GPU overclock. All should be stock default, when use any kind of cheats to avoid random crash.



I did that already.. didnt work.
Thanks anyway....
this is so damn frustrating ive used the programm all year before, and now nothing works ffs



(SOLVED) For anyone wondering it was my GPU. My Power Limit and Temp settings did somehow reset themself and at an certaint point of Temprature it began to shut down programms to prevent itself from being damaged.



i have the same problem now in fifa 21. PLZ HELP ME

Don't open the trainer when you just open fifa21,
you have to open the trainer when you see this on your fifa
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