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  1. P

    Account selling account with 3.4 million + 600K untradeble players (rudiger,militao,de BRUYNE,valverde and more)

    hello im selling my main account 3.4M + 600k undradable team ea play pro ends at 7/11 web app is open its 2 years account, all good, also have fifa 22 in origin cost 260$ payment: paypal discord: poloka000#9881
  2. ElFifa

    Coins Selling FIFA Coins on ALL Platform (PC-PSN-XBOX)

    Hello. I am selling Fifa Coins for all platforms.( PSN-PC-XBOX). I am selling since FIFA 19 old customers already remember me. ALSO SELLING PC-PSN ACCOUNTS FOR CHEAP ALL INFO CAN CHANGEABLE GOOD SQUAD ACCOUNTS PC 100K 8€ PC 1M 75€ PSN 100K 8€ PSN 1M 75€ XBOX 100K 8€ XBOX 1M 75€ PRICES...
  3. pXilok

    Macros Settings (Keyboard)

    Your keyboard keys may differ from the ones presented UserMacros1 - here you can set the execution of certain actions in game on the hotkey in startup.ini file (keyboard only) All commands: CharPress(D) = press and immediately unpress D CharDown(D) = only press D CharUp(D) = only unpress D...
  4. ElFifa

    Coins FIFA 21 Umit's Fifa Store

    Coin Service 10k PC Coins = 3.5€ 10k Ps4 Coins = 3.5€ *Ask current prices before buy please. PAYMENT ETH or BTC & PayPal (only Friendly & Family ) & Transferwise (Bank to Bank Transfer) Discord= Ümit#8998 Fastly Reply.
  5. NiicoFPS

    FAQ Trainer Crashes the Game for no reason !

    So, i bought the Trainer couple days ago, and i cant get it to work. Ive used previous trainer, and everything worked just fine. if i play the Game without the trainer being active it runs just fine. But as soon as i enable the Trainer my Game crashes without any Error or CrashDump file.. i get...
  6. Y

    Account origin premier accounts

    hey im looking for a seller , origin premier access accounts YMarkous#3444 this is my discord

    Another Steam card 10EU

    Hi, i am selling a 10EU steam card that can be activated anywhere world. I want 7EU for it.
  8. yojimob

    Coins 2 Million FIFA 20 PC COINS FOR SELL 100K/5 EUR

    I have 2 million fifa 20 pc to sell. I want to sell it because I don't play anymore. Might consider selling the whole account. payment : Paypal Discord : Yojimbo#4414
  9. Alilo04

    Coins I have 16 Million FIFA 20 PC COINS FOR SELL 100K/4 EUR

    I have 16 million fifa 20 pc coins for sell , I am also considering selling all the account payment : paypal Trusted seller I sell a lot of coins in this website Discord : AliLou1x#4292
  10. Alilo04

    Coins 16M FIFA 20 PC COINS FOR SELL 1M/40 euro

    I have 16 M FIFA 20 PC coins for sell , I am also want to sell all the account 1M / 40 euro Payment : Paypal Trusted seller I have sell a lot of coins in this website
  11. pXilok

    FAQ FIFA limits or why i'm always disconnecting from ultimate team

    30 matches in hour (according to the results of our tests) 75 matches in day (possible need wait more than 4-12 hours after last match) you don't get disconnect, but coins and wins will not count 85 matches in 24h or you get disconnection lose after match
  12. limonex99

    Account Fifa 20 account , top premier , 87 rated team.

    Hello i would like to sell my personal account of fifa 20. I just got bored about this game so i'm gonna sell it. Note that as it is my main account no cheats were used there. The account has : Aubameyang , Sterling , Firmino , Eriksen , Felipe Anderson , Wijnaldum , La Porte , Vertonghen...
  13. Shaniu

    Coins Selling FIFA 20 Coins - stock: 11 MILLION

    Hello. Selling FIFA 20 PC Coins. - I will use the safest way that I know. (using the way I transfered these coins to my main account from account used for drafts). The price is 7.5 euros / 100k. For 1 million coins :70 EURO 10 MIL COINS: 600 EURO. >> contact me on discord Shaniu#8144 Payment...
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