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FAQ the activation code doesnt work

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I will tell you in what cases this happens:
  • You changed the hardware (SSD, Motherboard, CPU, GPU) on your device.
  • Bios has been auto-updated from your Motherboard
  • You used utilities that could change your hardware ID.
  • In some cases, after restarting the computer, this happens for some users.
  • You may have viruses that affect your system.
  • You have reinstalled the windows to a different system disk.
  • You used the windows restore point at an earlier time.
  • There may also be conflicts with other more "deep" programs, hacks menu.
In cases where you need to re-binding trainer, you should consider the following rules:
The licence can be transferred on other device in yours exploitation only once. In subsequent times, the cost will be equal to the cost of the program.
The rest of the rules can be read here - FIIX - Terms and conditions
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