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Help Network Settings and windows configuration for a proper use and not experiencing lag by overloading the processor



Hello again, here are setting that will help you understand how the trainer works and how it will affect your gameplay:

1. Antivirus, now here I recommend that you totally disable the antivirus real-time check and cloud check, any interaction of the antivirus with the trainer will cause trouble on the way.
2. DirectX 11 enabled on the game, many people are using directX12 with the trainer and this is just not good at all, make sure you're using directx11 during trainer use.
3. A process running while playing, please do not have multiple processes open while using the trainer like google chrome or other cock sucker program on the background, this includes in some cases programs like discord, skype, windows store, antimalware applications, etc... Anything that makes your processor have extra work can easily fuck up the whole experience with the trainer, as the trainer is modifying in-game memory on real-time during gameplay in some cases will drive your processor to the limit.
4. Graphics settings, set your graphics as low as possible during trainer sessions if you're looking for a better performance I highly recommend you do this.
5. Network settings, change your DNS servers with ones that have a high/quick response, for example, DNS very common use for fast performance using google ""... You can use privates one's base on your location and ping response.
6. Router config... Is advice that you enable DMZ pointing at the local machine running the game, for some reason the random use of ports within the game makes the DMZ option more flexible when choosing ports on your machine.
7. The use of specific options like traits in the trainer will have an impact with your processor as your modifying the game permanent settings if you want better performance or the game to go faster do not activate this options and just take advantage of time finish and information harvest about the opponent options.

(In any case, important to keep in mind that you need an OK computer to run the game with the trainer, if you're already having issues just with the game without the trainer of been CPU overloaded or lack of memory it will be even more difficult with the trainer on).

There is probably more thing you could do but this is at the moment all I can advise you to do so you have a better experience with the game. I'm doing this for free as I see many players having issues with the trainer and game performance, I hope it helps.

Best of luck to all!
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