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It is extremely not recommended to abuse cheats in the Ultimate Team Mode !!!
Please, do not ask me ( pXilok pXilok) questions about how to use safely trainer. And do not complain about the ban in fifa. I have repeatedly warn you, that all your actions are at YOUR own risk!

Links to automatically send the key after payment:

After payment, you will receive a link to download the product, as well as an activation key to the email specified during payment. The key can work until 00:00 GMT+3 on the last day, please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Please, strongly request, to solve all problems on the FORUM!!! ask all questions in the support topics. If you create a complaint on the payment system's website, it will be appreciated as a denial of service and product support. I do not advise you to expect a refund, this is indicated in the terms.

Any updates you can download here
(If you need more days, write me in PM)
I also accept payment via: Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Steam Wallet Gift Card (write me in PM)
Steam Wallet Gift Card Prices (you must wait, until I sell your code in my store):
5£ (Pound sterling) or 200TWD (New Taiwan dollar) = 7 days
10€ or 5€+5€ = 15 days
20$ or 10€+5€ = 30 days
30€ or 20€+10€ or 20$+20$ = 90 days
If you don't want to wait, when i resell your code in my store.
In this case the prices will be higher:
10€ or 10$ = 7 days
20€ or 20$ = 15 days
30€ or 30$ = 30 days
20€ + 20€ = 90 days


By purchasing this program, you automatically confirm your consent to the following rules. If you are not satisfied, please, refrain from buying.
If you have any questions or problems, the author(developer) always ready to discuss.
Installation, start-up, program usage means, that the user of the program agrees with the terms of this license agreement.
The person is solely responsible for using the software.
The author of the program is not responsible for changes in the game, which may lead the software to inoperable, but, whenever possible, will restore functionality of the program. in case of such circumstances, compensation for the renewal in the form of the number of days of the current subscription to the program is not provided. This means that you will not be granted additional days when the program was inoperable.
After receiving the activation refunds is impossible as well as in other cases.
Due to the specifics of the product, it is not refundable, since the activation code was sent to Your E-Mail or PM.
Program uses a method, that requires to disable anti-virus (or add in exceptions), the software may work incorrectly if ignore this.
Also recommends to turn off Windows defender and other monitoring tools.
Program is licensed to be used on one machine, for one sole user.
The licence can be transferred on other device in yours exploitation only once. In subsequent times, the cost will be equal to the cost of the program. (this rule does not apply to a 15-day and 7-day license)
The software requires permanent connection to the Internet to work properly. After the start of the software, there may be a slight delay of 5-10 seconds.
Please do not manipulate the time in your system. do not change the date and time. don't try to change Hardware ID. Activate the program in real time.
Distribution, copying, hacking, as well as transfer to third parties is punishable by refusal in exploitation.
This software license agreement ("Agreement") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity, "You" or "Your") and {title} ( "We", "Our" or "Us") for the use of any software purchased from Us (“Software”) and any services that may be provided. {board_title} reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement at any time.

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1. Grant and Scope of License
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the payment by You of the applicable fee for the Software, {board_title} grants You a limited, non-exclusive, worldwide license to install, download and use a single instance of the Software ("License") through a single installation. Each License may run one instance of the Software, accessible via one URL. Any attempt to circumvent this limitation is prohibited and will result in the License being revoked.

Before deploying the Software, you may be required at the {board_title} Products section the address (URL) at which You will use the License. This URL must be kept up-to-date. You may create a single additional test installation for the purpose of testing the Software. Any test installation of this kind must be password protected, and access to it must be limited to You and Your website staff.

2. Rights
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All copies of the Software must contain the same proprietary notices that appear on and in the Software, including all copyright notices embedded in the Software, which must remain unaltered from the original and visible at all times, unless by specific prior arrangement with {board_title}.

The Software may be permanently transferred by the original purchaser to a third party ("Subsequent Licensee"). The original licensee may not retain a copy or installation of the Software. The Subsequent Licensee must agree to the terms of this Agreement and waive the right to transfer.

3. Restrictions
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4. Termination
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FIIX 1.7.4

General (some features not worked in UT, example skills 99):

  • Skill/Hide - exposes characteristics in the match from 0 {0 - disables the desired characteristic} to 99 (if hided, you see original players rating) (not working in FUT)
  • Height - ability to change the height of all players in the range 130 - 255 (in cm) (not working in FUT)
  • Traits - applies all the existing talents on the players
  • Weak Foot - the choice of weak foot 1 to 5 (not working in FUT)
  • Skill Moves - the choice of skill moves 0 to 4 (not working in FUT)
  • Specialities - adds abilities originating from characteristics, basicly useless, it's just an indicator of your player attributes Example : a player who has Poacher as speciality means he has 85+ finishing alongside 85+ heading
  • Work Rate - applies High offensive and High defensive work-rate to all players
  • Body - change the model of the body of players ID's ON FORUM
  • Pre Foot - preferred foot 1 to 2 (2 - left 1 - right)
  • Potential - percentage of progress players on the field. (possibly useless)
  • CD Height - changes only the height of the Central defenders (not working in FUT)
  • GK Height - changes only the height of the Goalkeeper (not working in FUT)
  • Celebration - choose any celebration for the whole team by default
  • Overall - rating increase overall skill 0 to 10 (possibly useless)
  • Shoes - exposes the model of shoes to all players ID's ON FORUM
  • Weight - weight setting for all players (not working in FUT)

  • Forfeit Flag - exposes a technical forfeit opponent, work only with disconnect id and dc flag
  • DC Flag - automatically disconnects from the opponent, including forfeit flag
  • Disconnect ID - the method of disconnection. You can choose any method from 0 to 21 (if you got ban, use other ID)
  • Instant DC - immediately disconnects a connection anywhere in match
  • Kick-out Opp - kick out your opponent out of the match, you can play with his team against the AI. use in conjunction with Kick-out Flag. Use after loading match with opponent
  • Forfeit Match - same as forfeit flag, but manual method.
  • Disconnect v2 - manual old method disconnect from 1.2 version fiix
  • Kick-out Flag - protective function against disconnection from the match, use before searching for an opponent. should be always ON
  • DC Flag Kick - automatic use of an entire chain of cheats. possible crashes of game
  • Dis Kick-out F - disables Kick-out Flag so that we can finish the match after the end. example: if we use CPU vs CPU then the match will end without freeze after the end
  • Opponent CPU Home - there may be problems with the sides, but this prevents the problem when you used kick-out opp after starting the ball in center stadium
  • Opponent CPU Guest - the same thing

  • Gold Goal - match ends after the ball will be is in goal
  • Instant Win - occurs is an instant victory in the online mode Ultimate Team
  • Instant Win Live - occurs is an instant victory in the online mode Ultimate Team in match
  • Instant Match - instant completion of the match, depending on the position of the ball
  • Instant Win v2 - same as Instant Win but reformatted method for test on safe
  • Instant Win v3 - same as Instant Win but reformatted method for test on safe
  • Home TP/Away TP Goal - with any touch of the ball, a goal occurs instantly (but so same is happening disconnect of match) (possibly bugs)
  • Bypass ALT-TAB - there will be no disconnection online match when you minimize or alt-tab game
  • Bypass AFK - when you are not control your team, a message about inactivity on your part will appear after a while. this cheat allows you to bypass this warning
  • Legacy defending - removes the ability to play only tactical defense | How Use
  • Time Finishing - almost always green, just with double tap
  • Unlim Subs - resets the default replacement limit of 3
  • End Flag - includes forfeit flag at the end of the half time
  • Time Finishing Free Kick - always great works with free kick and penalty, double tap also
  • Hidden Time Finishing - activates hide for time finishing (possibly does not work or will not give the desired effect)
  • Skip Replay - skips replays after use Instant Win, Gold Goal
  • Home Side - select active controller who playing in home. at activation (turns off automatically) it is best to stay inside the match. possible crashes of game
  • Guest Side - select active controller who playing in guest. at activation (turns off automatically) it is best to stay inside the match. possible crashes of game
  • CPU vs CPU - teams are controlled by AI. possible crashes of game
  • Stamina Home - Infinite strip stamina in players at home, and tired players at guest
  • Stamina Guest - Infinite strip stamina in players at guest, and tired players at home
  • Skills Home - changes the team characteristics on the side Home (activate inside the match, not displayed in the game) working with only kick-out flag
  • Skills Guest - changes the team characteristics on the side Guest (activate inside the match, not displayed in the game) working with only kick-out flag
  • SpeedHack - the speed of the target process of the game changes at your discretion
  • Home Score - enables the score change mode for home in the match, don't work in ultimate team maybe
  • Guest Score - enables the score change mode for guest in the match, don't work in ultimate team maybe
  • Match Speed - increases coefficient speed time in the match
  • Penalty Home - changing the penalty goals count in a match (very risky i think, when i tested, i got ban for 2 match)
  • Penalty Guest - same, but on guest side

  • Fitness - after the match your stamina will not be spent and also gives a small increase in total endurance. there is no need to buy more fitness cards. works only in online match.
  • Rating - Sets overall team rating (helps for searching more weak opponents, perhaps) visible for opponent!
  • ATT - sets a rating for your attackers
  • MID - sets a rating for your midfielders
  • DEF - sets a rating for your defenders
  • GK - sets a rating for your goalkeeper
  • Editable Club Name - possibility to change the name of your club
  • Editable Origin Name - possibility to change the name of your origin ID (you need to use it after the appearance of the opponent's squad, and after played match, you should change on your original origin ID for next opponent)
  • Club ID - ability to change the club of players (the best chemistry gives an increase skills)
  • Country ID - ability to change the country of players (the best chemistry gives an increase skills)
  • Match Making DR - search for an opponent in the specified division Division Rivals
  • Match Making DF - search for an opponent in necessary stage selection in mode Draft
  • Match Making WL - allows you to search for opponents on your assigned parameters in Weekend League
  • Run Style - unique style of running, ID's starts from 1 to 13 ID's ON FORUM
  • Traits - applies all the existing talents on the players in fut mode
  • Skill Moves - the choice of skill moves 0 to 4 in fut mode
  • Weak Foot - the choice of weak foot 1 to 5 in fut mode
  • Side - before the match, displays which side you are on
  • Chemistry Team - changes the chemistry of your team. visible for opponent!
  • Overall - changes the overall rating of your players. (probably useless)
  • Home Kit - the first number is the parametr of the form (usually I point out what is needed) second number changing home form
  • Away Kit - changing away kit form, same as home kit
  • Badge - changes your team's badge ID's ON FORUM
  • Stadium - allows you to change the stadium of your choice, only works if you play at home
  • Formation - changes the formation of your team, works only in draft mode
  • CPU vs Online Opp - AI plays for your team against your opponent in online
  • Forfeit No Lose - you can leave match from pause menu at any time without counting loss
  • Change Club Name - now you can change the name of your club as much as you want. just enable the cheat and go to Featured Objective / Foundations / The Basics / Change Club Name
Pro Clubs: (work only if you are a captain in your team (or drop-in match) for 99 skills)

  • Only Live PL - if you captain, you have 99 skills only on your player and your friends in team.
  • Bots/Hide - the change in the characteristics of players, AI-controlled in your team
  • Skill Points - infinity skills points in the player menu
  • Hair Style - choose any of the hairstyles ID's ON FORUM
  • Hidden Traits - includes traits which are hidden in the player settings.
  • Clock on Hands - changes the player's appearance. appear watch like have the referee
  • Modifier - rating increase overall skill 0 to 10 (possibly useless)
  • Body Type - change the model of the body ID of players
  • Potential - percentage of progress player on the field. (possibly useless)
  • Height - ability to change the growth of player in the range 130 - 205 (if you need more, need will be a captain)
  • Shoes - set any ID for boots
  • Pants - sets the shorts style
Squad Batl:

  • GK-SUB7 - you can put any player in your squad in fut mode (working only offline)
  • Swap Side - сhange the side in the match game settings. how use look here - Click
  • CPU vs CPU - teams are controlled by AI for squad battles (activated in control settings in pause match)
  • Difficulty - changes the level of difficulty in squad battles
  • Game Speed - controls the "game speed" before the match in settings (probably won't work correctly)
FUT pos (positions) ch (chemistry) wa (work rate attacking) wd (work rate defending) pf (preferred foot) sm (skill moves) wf (weak foot) cd (card id) tr (training):

  • GK-SUB7 - you can change the positions, chemistry, work rate attacking, work rate defending, preferred foot, skill moves, weak foot, card id, training for each player, which you need (4-4-2 formation by default) How use look here - Click (GK not working for positions)
Opponent Fut:

  • Opponent Origin - opportunity to see the opponent's nickname, works in weekend league too
  • Opponent Club - shows the name of the opponent's club
  • Opponent WL Info - shows the number of matches played / won against at opponents
  • Opponent Short - displays the short name of your opponent's club
  • Opponent Squad - displays the name of your opponent's squad
  • Opponent Rating - the overall rating of your opponent's squad is shown
  • Opponent Chem - displays the chemistry of your opponent's squad
Time Strong Finishing (Determination of the strong and moment of finishing on the specified parameters):

  • Gamepad Classic - includes time finishing and strong shot for gamepad in classic mode
  • Gamepad Alternative - includes time finishing and strong shot for gamepad in alternative mode
  • Keyboard - includes time finishing and strong shot for keyboard
  • Gamepad Classic TF - includes only time finishing for gamepad in classic mode
  • Gamepad Alternative TF - includes only time finishing for gamepad in alternative mode
  • Keyboard TF - includes only time finishing for keyboard
  • Gamepad Cursor - allows you to fix the cursor when performing free kicks or penalties, control is performed using hot keys
All your actions in the game, are made at your own risk. Creator assumes no responsibility for your actions and intentions in the specified game. Be careful, and use wisely.
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