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FAQ About Updates

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* In most cases, after updating the game, the trainer works stably and does not have any problems.
* Therefore, you should not wait for the program update after the game update.

### If you find some problems with some functions. please send me a private message on this memo:
* Before you write something, what does not work, verify the correctness of their actions, don't forget to read the forum.
* Make sure your equipment is working properly. Check for unnecessary programs or antivirus software.
* If after all these making manipulations, your trainer still refuses to work.
* Please record a video of all your actions during the activation of the necessary functions and their use in the game.
* Send a message with the record to me in PM.

**`Complaints without video will be ignored. In the worst case, a warning will be issued.`**
Not open for further replies.
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