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One problem - work only if you are a captain in your team (or drop-in match) for 99 skills

Sales closed

The process of buying and registration:
You pay subscription for the product
After payment, you can download here and follow for instructions (response timeout is 10 min - 24 hours)

Program is licensed to be used on one machine, for one sole user. The licence can not be transferred on others machines in yours exploitation
(i can make a discount if you need use on two PC)

In case of change of Hardware ID re-bind cost will be - 7€

It is highly NOT recommended to use utilities that can affect the operation of the program. Don't forget to turn off the antivirus. The program may conflict with the antiviruses.
Distribution, copying, hacking, as well as the transfer to third parties barred.
Otherwise, will be take appropriate measures.

All your actions in the game, are made at your own risk.
Author assumes no responsibility for your actions and intentions in the specified game. Be careful, and use wisely.

If you have any problems with the program. Please write me a PM

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