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Coins Selling Account (or raw coins) With 1.3 Milion



Hello everyone, hope you all are well. As the title says I'm looking to sell my FIFA account, or just the coins, whatever suits you best really.

The account has 1.3 milion coins currently, with roughly 200-300k tradeable stuff in it, which I'm currently selling.
Also some decent untradeable cards, but nothing over the top.
Main reason that I'm looking to sell is that I don't find the game to be that fun for me personally this year, and all I have done so far pretty much is to spend hours upon hours in the menu trading, which I find boring.

If you want to buy coins I would want to sell everything in one go, but I will not charge any more money if you want the account aswell, mainly because it is subscribed to EA Play Pro until the 25th of october.
Transfer market is unlocked on the WebApp and account has no warnings or bans.
I have sold stuff on here before but only once so I don't have too much evidence to back myself that I'm legit but I will make sure to do everything in my power to feel like a trustworthy person. I know it's a decent sum of money.

Price: 150 Euros
Prefered payment method would be PayPal but if you are serious about buying and can't do PayPal I'm sure we can work something out!

If you want to negotiate or have any further questions my discord is: fylk#3454


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Anyways for any serious buyers you are welcome to add me on Discord and ask for proof or ways to make me come across legit, and don't take people who try and ruin other peoples business without proof too serious ;).
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