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Account Origin Accounts with 4 games *BfV+NfsHeat+starwars jedi+anthem* all deluxe edition



Hello, I'm selling my stock of origin accounts.
Each account has 4 games : starwars jedi fallen order deluxe edition + need for speed heat deluxe edition + battlfield V 2 years edition + anthem legion of dawn edition

price : 25 dollars
payment method : btc
contact : either here by messages or on discord: Hokaa#8293

Without further ado, allow me to present a list of the most common
questions you might want to know about
my business and/or your new account.

1) What are the payment methods? Is there a preferred one?
currently i accept only btc but soon i will accept paypal.

2) Do I get the full info* of the account?
Yes, you receive the full information of the account

3) What is “full info” composed of? / What does it mean?
This includes Origin ID, Origin Password, Original Email ID, Original Email Password, Security
question + The answer to the security question.

4) Are these accounts stolen/cracked/purchased via a stolen credit card?
No, my products are fully legitimate. You can verify that with the EA support team to which I
provide you with the link:

5) Who else might know the account information?
Only me & you (the customer) have access to the account information. Once the
purchase is completed I would request that you (the customer) double check the
information I have given you. Only after you (the customer) approve that all
information is correct and you have obtained the full access to your new account,I would be deleting the information from my database.
You are then free to change all informations and details.

6) Can I change the info/details of my new account?
Yes, you can and it is advised that you do. Here are the links for all the steps needed:
● I want to change my password
● I want to change my email address:
● I want to change the security question
+ the answer and/or add mobile protection

7) Is there any insurance?
Yes, you receive an unlimited insurance and technical support from me.

8) Can I refund my money if I don’t want the account anymore?
No, for technical difficulties refunds are sadly not available

9) What are the conditions that make a refund possible?
The refund is possible only:
IF you can't access the account.
IF you can't access the online section /online access is by default not available.
In those two scenarios you have the right for ANOTHER ACCOUNT or a full REFUND.
There is no time limit in those two cases

10) What happens if I get banned?
In the case you get banned, there are two options.
Either you got banned for a user-related issue like using hacks/cheats/trainers/selling
coins/selling ingame stuff and so on. In this case the ban was your own doing and you are fully

If you have any other (than listed) questions
or you run into any problems, feel free to send a message on discord.

Thank you for your time.
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