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selling account

  1. NickFury

    Account Full FIFA 21 Personal account 8 mil squad worth + 2.2 mil liquid

    Personal Account Full FIFA 21 on PC (Steam) 2.2 million coins liquid Web app + Transfer marker unlocked Untradeable squad worth of 8 million coins A lot more of objective players in club No Bans & No Warnings Price: 200 Euro Discord: Nick Fury#9485
  2. hjhj51

    Account Selling PC Account - 2.5mill Tradable with 5mill+ Untradable squad

    Selling my own personal FIFA account I haven't used recently, all players you see are un-tradable except Mbappe and Mahrez which you sell to get 2.5mill coins. Full game is owned on the Origin account. There is full market access and also web access. Full ownership will be given including the...
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