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  1. D

    Account 19.4m coins + huge team

    Hello i'm selling my personnal account with 19.4m and a pretty good team this is my personnal account , never got a warning or a ban all the coins are legite i'm a simple trader that's how i got the coins 700€ paypal or crypto
  2. ElFifa

    Coins Selling FIFA Coins on ALL Platform (PC-PSN-XBOX)

    Hello. I am selling Fifa Coins for all platforms.( PSN-PC-XBOX). I am selling since FIFA 19 old customers already remember me. ALSO SELLING PC-PSN ACCOUNTS FOR CHEAP ALL INFO CAN CHANGEABLE GOOD SQUAD ACCOUNTS PC 100K 8€ PC 1M 75€ PSN 100K 8€ PSN 1M 75€ XBOX 100K 8€ XBOX 1M 75€ PRICES...
  3. pXilok

    Macros Settings (Gamepad)

    Press the button BUTTON(name_button,ON) Unpress the button BUTTON(name_button,OFF) Press and unpress the button BUTTON(name_button) Where "name_button" one of: UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,START,BACK,LTHUMB,RTHUMB,LSHOULDER,RSHOULDER,A,B,X,Y Example: BUTTON(A, ON) DELAY(100) BUTTON(A, OFF) DELAY(100)...
  4. pXilok

    Announcement Macros for gamepad?

    Hello, if you want this feature, vote please Is like now, how in keyboard. You can automate some action on one button.
  5. pXilok

    Trainer FIFA 22 | FIIX (Ultimate Team FUT Draft, Weekend League, Rivals, Volta, Pro Clubs, Co-op, Online Seasons, Career, Squad Battles, SBC) Trainer (2.2.2)

    It is extremely not recommended to abuse cheats in the Ultimate Team Mode !!! Please, do not ask me (@pXilok) questions about how to use safely trainer. And do not complain about the ban in fifa. I have repeatedly warn you, that all your actions are at YOUR own risk! PayPal manual payment...
  6. pXilok

    ID's FIFA 22 | Boots / Shoes ID's

    ID Name 0 No Name 1 No Name 2 No Name 3 No Name 15 EA SPORTS™ - Black/Neon Green 16 New Balance Furon V6+ Alpha Flair 17 New Balance Tekela V3+ Pro Alpha Flair 18 BootName_18_Auth-FullChar 19 BootName_19_Auth-FullChar 20 UA Clone Magnetico Pro FG - Summer Lime 21 UA Clone...
  7. pXilok

    ID's FIFA 22 | Hidden Hairs Styles ID's

    should be same as - ID's - FIFA 21 | Hidden Hairs Styles ID's
  8. pXilok

    Announcement FIFA 22 | News
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