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    FIFA 18 | Legacy Defending Online (Shareware)

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    FIFA 18 | How use

    It is desirable to look to the end and all very carefully so that in the future there are no questions and problems in the game
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    FIFA 18 | Squad Battles Trainer

    Before start trainer, need joined in ULTIMATE TEAM hotkeys of your choice Side Home - Choice of Home side in match Side Away - Choice of Away side in match Skills + Fitness - 99 Skill and Fitness in offline matches (have bug with opponent team)
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    FIFA 18 | Free Offline Trainer +22

    Hotkeys are exhibited to your choice SKILL GAMES: RESET COUNTDOWN + UNLIMITED ATTEMPTS - Stops the countdown, and also includes endless attempts (doesn't work if you have 0 attempts) ADD POINTS AFTER SCORE - Adds 10000 points after each successful action PRE-MATCH SETTINGS: GIANT PLAYERS -...
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